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You may have prepared for the liposuction procedure from the cost and what to expect about the surgery itself, but have you made arrangements for the post-management care? Here are the things you may need to anticipate and plan during your liposuction recovery time.


Liposuction recovery time: Immediately after the procedure

After the liposuction procedure, your surgeon and operating nurse will monitor and observe your overall general condition,  so you can expect to remain in the recovery room for quite some time. Depending on the number of areas exposed to fat removal, the amount of fat to be removed, and the type of liposuction procedure you have undergone, your surgeon may advise you to either stay overnight for further monitoring or allow you to return home the same day.


Liposuction recovery time: First few days after the procedure

Expect that compression bandages and garments fit the body part targeted by liposuction. At home, prepare things that would allow you to remain comfortable while resting, including pillows, towels to absorb fluid leaks post-surgery, loose clothes, prescribed pain medication, and water. You may also secure the help of a loved one or neighbour for the first few days as limited movements and activities are imposed.



Liposuction recovery time: A week after the procedure

Going to follow up appointments with your surgeon would give you the chance to ask necessary questions and let your surgeon check your overall condition, including your recovery and your surgery’s success. You still need to wear your compression bandages to prevent swelling, but you may now remove it when taking quick showers. A few exercise steps can help you recover your movement and activities gradually, and your surgeon will show you easy stretching activities to make you move and function better after the liposuction.


Liposuction recovery time: Few weeks after the procedure

You can expect that if no complications arise after the surgery, you may be allowed to return to work after two weeks of rest. You may still need to wear your surgical bandages for 12 hours a day until your surgeon enables you to remove it all in all. Continue with your prescribed exercises, and by the end of the 4th-week post-surgery, you can expect that you will be allowed to resume normal work activities as swelling and pain or discomfort may well be resolved during this time. You can now enjoy a shapelier, sexier, and more confident new you!

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