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For men to get the body that they want, they turn to exercise and strenuous activities that would shape their bodies and add muscular volume to their frame. However, not all men can achieve a perfect body while leading an active lifestyle alone. They too are vulnerable to having excess stubborn fat located in common problem areas, like the abdomen, chest, flanks, and thighs. While some of them just leave them be, others, especially those who are very insecure about their body flaws, turn to cosmetic surgeries like liposuction for men.


Liposuction for men: Is it popular?

Cosmetic surgery for men is not as news-worthy as what plastic surgery does to women. They are not widely advertised, so it seems that not many men need the help of a plastic surgeon. However, there have been an increasing amount of men turning to plastic surgeons to help them get rid of stubborn pockets of fat – empowering them to look better than ever. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) discovered that a growing number of men are on the lookout for aesthetic enhancements. In ASAPS’ 2016 survey findings, they emphasised that the percentage of men undergoing cosmetic surgery tripled since 1997, and the number one procedure chosen was liposuction for men.


Liposuction for men: Common target areas

No matter the age, more and more men are now turning to plastic surgery just to get that sculpted body look. The most common areas that they want to use liposuction are the chest, abdomen, back, thighs, and flanks. They know that for a man to have ‘man boobs’ is not something to be proud of.  Men who also were obese for a time and decided to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle are still burdened by the excess fat and skin that their past lifestyle left them with. For these men, liposuction is one of the best and sought-after cosmetic surgery solutions to help them feel great about their bodies.


Liposuction for men: Plastic surgery combination

No matter how effective liposuction may be, it may not be enough to address men’s body issues. Some plastic surgeons would recommend combining liposuction with other procedures to further sculpt their bodies and achieve the look that they want. For man boobs, liposuction for men and breast reduction can do the trick since the latter also removes excess breast tissue and skin, so the end product would not have loose skin hanging around your chest. For belly bulges, liposuction and tummy tuck can be combined to effectively remove the excess fat and skin around your abdomen, as well as tighten your muscles, so the results will give you flatter and toned abs.  Meanwhile, some men combine liposuction with a facelift, if their target areas are the neck or a part of the face, so that it would complement that new look that they achieved.


Liposuction for men: The techniques

liposuction-for-men-sydneyLike what women, men can also undergo the same liposuction techniques. Some cosmetic surgeons even claim that because men have more muscular and toned bodies, the effects of liposuction in men are more pronounced.

Aside from the traditional or common tumescent liposuction, men can also avail of high-definition techniques like the laser-assisted (SmartLipo) and ultrasound-assisted (VASER). There is also what other plastic surgeons call abdominal etching, where they augment the core muscular definition of the abs and chest areas by performing selective superficial liposuction and muscle enhancement with fat grafting.


Liposuction for Men: The cost

The estimated price for liposuction in Sydney is within the rage of $3,000 to $30,000, and this would depend on many factors. You can expect that abdominal etching would cost more.

The factors that influence liposuction cost include:

  • Your needs and preferences
  • Type of liposuction
  • The expertise of the plastic surgeon
  • The location where you want your surgery to take place


It’s not unusual to think that liposuction procedure is designed for women alone. Now, we know liposuction for men is as popular and as effective as that of women’s. However, let us not have the misconception that liposuction is a weight loss solution. The best way to get the perfect healthy body you dream of is through proper diet, active lifestyle, and regular exercise.

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